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X-NetStat is a small but powerful network monitor
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X-NetStat Pro is an application developed by Fresh Software. X-Netstat Pro shows you all the information available when your computer makes a network connection.
You can use this application while browsing on the Internet or using a messaging service. Every application that uses the network creates a connection, and every connection can be analyzed with X-NetStat Pro.
You can find out how much bandwidth an application takes from your network, the ports it uses, the packages being sent, among other things.
The minus of the software is that it does not provide the users with fancy graphs or a nice interface. It does not include a beginners guide, as this program is meant to be used by those who know what data they are looking for and how they can use it.
The application provides several nice functions, such as lookup tool or a package sniffer, that expand the possibilities of the data you can gather.
It can also log all the activity automatically in case you need it.
The program might have a steep learning curve for beginners, but people who know what they are looking for will appreciate its functionality.

Ismael Mireles
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  • Great statistic program
  • Lots of bandwidth and transfer details


  • No guides for beginners
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